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North African Operator

An African operator with around 30 million subscriber base was looking for a solution that could guarantee ultimate user experience for 3G users. To achieve that target, TEMPO provided a full optimization package, including:

  • Network parameters strategy setting

  • Parameter consistency check

  • Scrambling Code (SC) planning and optimization

  • Neighbor list optimization

  • Inter radio access technology (IRAT) optimization

  • Throughput analysis and optimization

  • RF coverage and pilot pollution optimization


After 1 year of continuous optimization of the 3G network, many KPIs were improved including:

  • Speech DCLR (dropped by 20-80%)

  • Data Volume (increased by 30-100%)

  • Average User Throughput (increased by 5-10%)

  • Active Set Addition failures (decreased by 300%)

  • Failed After Admission (decreased by 40%)

  • UL RSSI and UL BLER (decreased by up to 20%)