Performance Audits



The network recordings log files contain a lot of valuable information that can be used to detect radio problems and to monitor network performance. Performance audits are based on call flows stored in database in addition to statistical counters. Our experts will use TEMPO to form a call database which will guarantee the ease of calls extraction and analysis using layer 3 messages analyzer. In addition, advanced statistics related to cells accessibility, calls’ retainability, quality and mobility are provided. These statistics provide more details than regular counters, which add a huge value to optimizers and network operators. 


Performance Assessment audits include:

  • Top worst cell: throughput, accessibility, drop reason breakdown, SDCCH/RTCH failures breakdown
  • Enhance TBF establishment and TBF drop in addition to throughput improvement.
  • HW problems detection and troubleshooting
  • Extract call flow and decode Layer 3 messages for deeper analysis
  • Different Scopes-based (Network/region/cell) KPI analysis:  (Dropped calls, Blocked Calls, service type distribution, Establishment Causes distribution and cell traffic statistics)
  • Roamers statistics
  • IMEI / IMSI based analysis
  • Uplink/Downlink Throughput/volume (average user throughput for all cells on map)
  • Geo-location based call drop: it defines the locations where the drops occur, which will speed up  the investigation to prevent such drops in the future 
  • Advanced filtering options for targeted geo-analysis: Terminal Type, Release Cause, Service Type, Date & Time
  • Performance (Best Server, RSCP, EcNo, RSRP, RSRQ distribution) 






Key benefits

  • Different scopes of analysis up to cell level
  • Efficient layer 3 message analyzer
  • Reduce time of problem detection
  • Root cause of failure identification