Network Configuration Audtis



As networks grow, inconsistencies appear due to overlapped actions, lack of coordination between different departments and sometimes, simple human errors.

Network Configuration Audits, supported by TEMPO, ensure that there are no inconsistent parameters in the network, within the same vendor, across vendors and also between technologies.This is achieved through creating different rules and templates that can be edited as required to support different optimization strategies.

Our experts will check the current network configuration and recommend best practice parameter settings on RNC, BSC, NodeB and BTS levels to enhance network performance.

TEMPO Parameter Consistency Manager is used to set the new parameters and fix any parameters inconsistency in the network. These audits have proven their importance due to the frequent changes in network configuration and the increased rate of site rollout.







 Key benefits

  • Periodic audits ensure parameter consistency
  • Self-made template for inconsistencies detection
  • Ease of special rules integration