Neighbor List Optimization



Many neighbors’ audits are addressed to enhance the performance of GSM/UMTS/LTE Networks and the inter-operability between these technologies. The existing and missing neighbors’ lists are analyzed by our experts using TEMPO. Recommendations to remove/add neighbors are provided to define the best neighbor list for each cell. The offered audits not only target intra-frequency and inter-frequency relations, but optimizes the inter radio access technology (IRAT) relations as well.

Smooth mobility between different technologies is maintained by optimizing the IRAT relations. TEMPO recommends the optimum list to be defined to all cells based on a well-studied algorithm.

On the other hand, reselection neighbor lists like UMFI/BA List are optimized to reduce the reselection time in idle mode. This is done by defining the optimum list of neighbors to the cell, which leads to higher penetration and better voice quality.

 These audits include:

  • Distance range distribution
  • Number of (Incoming/outgoing) Neighbors per cell
  • Missing co-sites relations
  • Missing bi-directional relations
  • Neighborhood consistency between carriers
  • Distant neighbors analysis
  • Unmonitored neighbors analysis
  • Missing Neighbors addition recommendations
  • Remove unused neighbors recommendations
  • Reprioritize neighbors
  • New cell neighbors definition
  • IRAT neighbors recommendations
  • UMFI List recommendations







Key benefits

  • Increasing call continuity resulting from smooth mobility between LTE, 3G, and 2G
  • Minimize the manual handling of neighbor relations.
  • Improve the performance of the air interface through Neighbor List (NL) optimization.
  • Reduce dropped call rate and handover failure rate.
  • Improve call quality and system performance.