Features Review




Our experts will review different technologies feature and recommend necessary fine tuning and feature installation to optimize network performance. 

This service includes

  • Performance assessment of LTE Network
  • Identify Gaps and recommend key features
  • Feature assessment and implementation, including carrier aggregation
  • Drive log analysis to benchmark CSFB performance
  • Review of NW topology to support fast CSFB setup
  • Features, architecture, and parameter recommendations for seamless CSFB service
  • VOLTE System design recommendations
  • SRVCC performance assurance
  • Metrics to evaluate VOLTE service
  • Ensure network strategy is achieved by configuration
  • Efficient traffic steering between different LTE layers and between IRAT systems
  • Mobility optimization ensuring service completion





 Key benefits

  • Introduce new features that enhances network performance
  • Fine tune features parameters for optimum performance
  • Enhancement in mobility KPIs and traffic balance