Capacity Assessment Audits



Based on statistical counters and call flows extracted from network log files like GPEH and IOS, our experts analyze network capacity and provide recommendations that will increase capacity.


Capacity Assessment audits include:

  • HR penetration/TRX upgrades or downgrades and other parameters to relief Cong on both TCH “assign &HO” & SDCCH.
  • Sites migration based on BSC dimensioning. 
  • Site capacity and HO requests to minimize BSC/RNC border and also to minimize the handover duration for better HOSR by changing the inter-BSC/RNC handovers to intra-BSC/RNC handover.
  • Check CE utilization and recommend new features to enhance HSPA performance
  • Full LTE load assessment
  • Bottlenecks detection
  • Optimize control channel configurations







Key benefits

  • Increase network capacity
  • Introduce new features that will help to increase network efficiency