Radio Frequency Manager (RFM)


TEMPO-RFM module helps RF optimization engineers to analyze and troubleshoot RF problems more efficiently in a timely manner for different radio technologies (GSM/UMTS/LTE). The main addressed problems that are analyzed by TEMPO-RFM are the coverage, pilot pollution, and suspected cross feeder problems. This helps in identifying cases of cell overshooting as well as those showing limited cell footprints. Detecting these cells can enhance many network KPIs such as DCLR and Handover success rate in addition to decreasing interference and block error rate.

Main Features

  • Tilt and power adjustment to enhance network coverage and fill coverage holes

  • RACH Ec/No and propagation delay statistics and analysis

  • Analyze polluters and polluted cells to reduce pilot pollution areas and decrease interference levels

  • Detect sites with cross feeder problems
  • Load balancing recommendations

  • Google Maps visualization
  • Different strategies for coverage calculation




Radio Frequency Manager (RFM)