Products Overview

Tool for Extensive Management and Performance Optimization (TEMPO) is a powerful multi-technology and multi-vendor tool which has proved its success in the field of customer-centric mobile networks optimization.

Our vision is to deliver a customized tool for our customers to help them automate as many planning and optimization actions as possible, and to eventually end up with a complete Self Organizing Network (SON) solution. This will enable operators to maximize their revenue with minimum effort.


Our product consists of the following blocks:

-          New Cell Manager (NCM)

-          Parameter Consistency Manager (PCM)

-          Scrambling Code Manager (SCM)

-          Physical Cell Identity Manager (PCIM)

-          Neighbor List Manager (NLM)

-          Network Performance Manager (NPM)

-          Capacity Enhancement Manager (CEM)

-          Radio Frequency Manager (RFM)

-          Cell Outage Manager (COM)

-          Critical Zone Manager (CZM)