Network Performance Manager (NPM)


TEMPO-NPM module uses network log files to detect any radio problem and to monitor network performance. The module provides analytics related to cells accessibility, calls’ retain-ability, quality and mobility. These statistics provide more details than regular counters, which bring  value to optimizers. Most of the KPIs could also be provided for VIPs, Roamers and Phone Models including Dropped Call Rate (DCLR), Data Throughput and Call Setup Success Rate.

Main Features

  • Powerful call trace analysis using efficient layer 3 message analyzer

  • Dealing with large data files

  • Different analysis scopes ( Network/region/cell) based KPI analysis:  (Dropped calls, Blocked Calls, service type distribution, cell traffic statistics)

  • Coverage Gap Detection

  • More advanced filters: RNC, LAC, Phone Model, IMEI, IMSI, RAB, Services, Roamers

  • Automatic Investigation: Report with cells not satisfying target KPIs

  • Visualize KPIs on Google Maps

  •           Geo-location based call drop: it defines the location where the drops occurs which will focus the investigation on a specific place to avoid such drops in the future 

  • Advanced filtering options for targeted geo-analysis: Terminal Type , Release Cause , Service Type , Date & Time

  • Network viewer and calls viewer 


Network Performance Manager (NPM)