Neighbor List Manager (NLM)


TEMPO-NLM module minimizes the manual handling of neighbor relations through analyzing the existing and missing neighbors’ lists. NLM also gives recommendations to remove/add neighbors in order to define the best neighbor list for each cell. Optimizing networks to ensure that customers receive a consistent quality of service, regardless which technology is a priority for every operator (i.e. GMS, UMTS and LTE). Smooth mobility between different technologies implies better call continuity and customer experience. This can be achieved by implementing different tools such as: Inter-system Handover optimization, 4G/3G/2G Automatic Neighbor Update and SIB11 Calculator.

Main Features

  •          Dealing with different types of neighbor lists; Inter system, Intra system, IRAT and UMFI/BA lists

  •         Different strategies for neighbors’ assignment.

  •          Neighbors analysis including:

o   Distant neighbors analysis

o   Unmonitored neighbors analysis

o   Number of (Incoming/outgoing) Neighbors per cell

o   Neighborhood consistency between carriers and technologies


  •          Neighbor list update recommendations including:           

o   Missing Neighbors

o   Missing co-sites relations

o   Missing bi-directional relations

o   Remove unused neighbors

o   Reprioritize neighbors

o   Review automatic neighbors (ANR) settings / performance

  •           New cell neighbors definition

  •           Generating fixing commands

  • Neighbors Map Visualization



Neighbor List Manager (NLM)