About Us

Smartec-Group is a leading technology provider in Egypt and the Middle-East with a special focus on the Internet of Things applications.
Backed with decades of hands-on experience, Smartec-Group offers a set of innovative products and solutions, all to serve one vision: a seamless connected world.
Smartec-Group is currently a member of The Web of Objects (WoO) International Consortium focusing on building automation applications.


Smartec-Group offers an ultimate automation system that seamlessly integrates with your appliances and turns your home into a Smart Home. In less than 24 hours,
our plug-and-play automation system will grant you a safe, comfortable, and luxurious indoors experience. No disruptive installations are needed and almost all devices are supported. Stay connected to your home whenever and wherever you are with our smartphone application. The app gets you full access to your lighting,
entertainment, and climate systems and allows you to customize them according to your needs and moods.

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Interactive Smart Lighting

Brighten up your day with an intelligent lighting network that automatically responds to your presence, moods, and events. Whether you are on an overseas trip or just relaxing on your couch, you are one touch away from controlling your home lights:

  • Full control over your lighting with on/off and dimming options

  • Customized profiles and schedules for different residents and events

  • Presence detection and auto-adjustment according to the resident mood

  • Hassle-free remote control on your mobile devices

  • Energy savings and lower electricity bills guaranteed

Engaging Entertainment System

Tired after a long and hectic day? It’s time to sit back and enjoy our full-fledged entertainment system. Once you step in your home, you will be indulged in a relaxing and cozy environment of your favorite music, your home theatre, and your preferred TV shows:

  • Personalized experience that just fits with your preferences

  • Pre-recording and replay for your favorite TV shows just upon your arrival

  • All-in-one remote control in your smartphone

  • Accommodation of your sound system to your liking

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Security and Emergency System

Our ultimate security and emergency system turns your home into a worry-free place and ensures your peace of mind.

  • 24/7 uptime security system even during power blackout

  • Instant fire alarms, alerts, and customizable automatic calls in case of emergencies

  • Automatic door locking with fingerprint access control system

  • Intelligent network of sensors for fire, gas, smoke, water leakage and motion detection

  • Video surveillance system with CCTV and IP cameras for remote monitoring of each corner of your home.

Home Climate Control

Whether it is sizzling or chilly outside, your home always remains perfectly conditioned. Get full control over your air conditioning system, blinds, and curtains and save energy through automatic adjustments according to the climate changes.

  • Control the temperature in a specific room or throughout your home

  • Remote control application for your mobile devices

  • Schedule opening and closing the blinds and curtains during different times of the day

  • Save energy and set your AC to shut down when no one is present in the room

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Contact us today and our team of experts will pay you a visit, understand your needs, analyse your requirements, and will tailor a personalized home automation solution that just fits with your home.


Personalize your lights to turn on/off or dim automatically or adjust them manually.

Control all the plugs you have and turn your appliances on/off wherever you are.

Enjoy your TV programs and get full control on your TV sets, dish receivers, and sound system.

Manage your home climate and set your AC's to turn on/off upon your presence or your schedules.

Save energy and control your water heater according to your needs and usage.

Control your curtains and blinds and set schedules to open and close them automatically.

Thanks to our smartphone and tablets application you will be able to control all your appliances with one touch. Our app not only enables you to turn on/off any device but it also lets you control any appliance from your smartphone through an intelligent soft remote control. With our app you get full control of your television, dish receiver, lamps and lighting, shades and curtains, air conditioners, water heaters, and all plugs and switches in your home. The app also enables you to create different profiles and themes for different residents, rooms, seasons, and moods. It also notifies you with any unfamiliar indoors movement and shows you live streaming from your surveillance cameras any time of the day.