About Us

Smartec-Group is a leading technology provider in Egypt and the Middle-East with a special focus on the Internet of Things applications.
Backed with decades of hands-on experience, Smartec-Group offers a set of innovative products and solutions, all to serve one vision: a seamless connected world.

Automotive Wireless Sensors Solutions

Smartec-Group is developing integrated solutions that can connect car equipment wirelessly together, and can connect a car as a unit to the outside world. Smartec-Group also has its own research team that investigate potential areas for improving such systems performance. Moreover, Smartec-Group has its patent-pending energy-harvesting technology that allows system components to operate autonomously. There are already about 60 sensors in a medium-sized car, utilized for power train, safety and comfort functions. Experts forecast that by 2025, every car will have some sort of connectivity, following the Internet of Things global trend. Intelligent Transportation Systems will allow a car internal network to communicate wirelessly with both neighboring cars networks and the road global network. Many of the used sensors can benefit from self-powered wireless solutions. Moreover, some new applications are exclusively possible by using self-powered wireless sensor network solutions. Being self-powered, sensors can be deployed in hard-to-access areas in a plug-and forget manner.

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Self-Powered Tire-Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The self-powered TPMS developed by Smartec-Group continuously monitors tire air pressure in real-time. It displays real time values for air pressure in all tires simultaneously, whether the vehicle is moving or parked, and warn driver visually on a pictogram display about any under/over -inflated tire. The self-powered TPMS operates autonomously without having to replace batteries.

  • Battery-less, reliable system

  • Real time tire pressure monitoring

  • Tire pressure status updates periodically or on demand

  • Visual and audible alerts for tire pressure over/under inflation

  • Visual and audible alerts for system malfunctions

  • User friendly mobile application to monitor tire pressure and control warnings and alerts

  • Standalone display used for monitoring and control, and tracking tire health history

  • Updated tire pressure readings once you turn the car engine on, to avoid any unpleasant surprise

Self-Powered TPMS Technical Description

Using our patent-pending energy harvester, all five battery-less tire nodes are connected through RF links to the collection Electronic Control/Central Unit. The collection unit firmware architecture is compliant with AUTOSAR to facilitate integration with most of the car models. The collection unit is developed based on a PIC ┬ÁController that is connected to Bluetooth, RF, and CAN bus transceiver modules. The collection unit exchanges tires data and settings with mobile devices through Bluetooth link, and with Driver Display Units through the standard car network link, CAN bus. There is also an option for having an external reader that can scan tire pressures directly through RF link. The mobile application and the display units can be used to control the TPMS, to monitor tires and system status, and to do tire operations such as tire rotation and spare tire swapping.

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AUTOSAR Compliant Systems Development and Integration

Smartec-Group offers AUTOSAR compliant wireless system that seamlessly integrates with your car computer systems and turns your car into an intelligent car. Being AUTOSAR compliant, our customizable hardware and software systems are easy to integrate with car ECUs.

Patent-pending Energy Harvester

The automotive wireless systems developed in Smartec can benefit from our patent-pending energy harvester. This harvester collects energy from tire rotation. Smartec harvester can get open circuit voltage up to 10V for speed ranges from 1 to 8 Hz.


Smartec offers automotive wireless systems accompanied by smartphone/tablet applications that keeps you connected with your car devices through a user friendly interface. Smartec smart applications supports iOS and Android platforms. The smartphone application connected to Smartec self-powered TPMS system provides these features

Displaying interpreted data back to the user.

Receiving interpreted data only from its registered ECU.

Displaying current tire conditions, and visual warnings to alert the driver if tire pressure is over/under inflated.

Registering/deregistering new/old tires to the system.

Swapping spare tire with an operating tire.

Refreshing tire readings on demand and it will connect to the ECU through Bluetooth.