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Smartec-Group is a leading technology provider in Egypt and the Middle-East specialized on Telecommunications, Embedded Systems, and Mobile Applications.
Backed with decades of hands-on experience, Smartec-Group offers a set of innovative products and services, all to serve one vision: a fully connected world.
Smartec-Group is currently a member of The Web of Objects (WoO) International Consortium focusing on building automation applications.


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Smart Home Automation

Smartec-Group offers an ultimate automation system that seamlessly integrates with your appliances and turns your home into a Smart Home. In less than 24 hours, our plug-and-play automation system will grant you a safe, comfortable, and luxurious indoors experience. No disruptive installations are needed and almost all devices are supported. Stay connected to your home whenever and wherever you are with our smartphone application. The app gets you full access to your lighting, entertainment, and climate systems and allows you to customize them according to your needs and moods. More ...

TEMPO Network Optimization

Smartec-Group is a leading provider of radio network optimization services and products. Leveraging the experience of its world-class team of employees and consultants, Smartec-Group is continuously developing a multi-technology, multi-vendor optimization tool, TEMPO.
Smartec-Group experts use TEMPO to provide optimization services to operators around the world. The optimization service focuses on 3G networks with support to several 2G functionalities. More ...

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Automotive Wireless Sensors Solutions

Smartec-Group is developing integrated solutions that can connect car equipment wirelessly together, and can connect a car as a unit to the outside world. Smartec-Group also has its own research team that investigate potential areas for improving such systems performance. Moreover, Smartec-Group has its patent-pending energy-harvesting technology that allows system components to operate autonomously. There are already about 60 sensors in a medium-sized car, utilized for power train, safety and comfort functions. Experts forecast that by 2025, every car will have some sort of connectivity, following the Internet of Things global trend. Intelligent Transportation Systems will allow a car internal network to communicate wirelessly with both neighboring cars networks and the road global network. Many of the used sensors can benefit from self-powered wireless solutions. Moreover, some new applications are exclusively possible by using self-powered wireless sensor network solutions. Being self-powered, sensors can be deployed in hard-to-access areas in a plug-and forget manner. More ...

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